Game: Potion Motion

Genre: 2D, Puzzle (Mobile)

Team Size: 5 Developers

Team Name: Glorious Gumdrops

Engine: Unity 5 (5.4.0f3)

Development Time: 2 Months

  • Level Design

  • Puzzle Design

  • Game Design

  • Game Menu Design

  • Sound Design

  • Quality Assurance

  • Documentation



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Design Overview


Potion Motion

Potion Motion is a 2D, puzzle game developed for the Android tablet. The game allows the player, who is an up-and-coming alchemist to create different types of potions for the clients by guiding ingredient drops through a series of pipes and making sure they flow into a vat in the correct order following the potions recipe.


Potion Motion - In-game level screenshot



Tap to Switch

The idea here for the mechanic is to let the player tap the magic pipe switch to swap the pipe piece with an array of different pipes available to the player.

I suggested the magic pipe swap idea with just a tap mechanic to keep the games consistent and easy to play for the player. Initially, we had a lever system where the player would have to either swipe on the level or touch and drag it.

By also taking the tap to switch approach, the player could only focus on their twitch capabilities and not be overwhelmed by different mechanics, specially since they have to follow a recipe and make sure  they get all the ingredients in correctly.


Iced Pipes

To ease the difficulty and avoid the player from feeling stressed out by the number of ingredients and the speed they move, I thought of having an element to slow down ingredients before they reach the cauldron.

The Iced pipe slows down the ingredients that passes through it giving the player time to get the right ingredients in order. The ingredients are slowed at a 2X rate (0.5 sec), enough time for the player to have other ingredients pass through other pipes early.



Heated pipe

To balance the speed of the elements and give the player a choice to either slow down an ingredient through the iced pipe or speed up the ingredients, I pitched to have the Heated pipe which acts as an accelerator and passes the ingredients quickly at a x2 speed (2 sec)

The speeds of both iced and Heated pipe were determined through various play-test sessions.


Puzzle and Level Design

Layout and Puzzle

I was responsible to create level layouts and design the flow with the puzzles in mind. I created these two out of the four core maps with the idea of having loops in the play-space.

Loops would allow for interesting puzzle flow and ingredient combinations and challenges. The level layouts had to be reusable to play different recipe combinations and so with that I decided to create the following two designs.


Core Level layouts [2/4]

Game Menu Design

Main and Pause Menu

To fit the theme of our game, I decided to design a main menu system in the form of a book. 

Each menu section of the book flips to a page with sub menus. The flow chart here demonstrates the flow of how the menus connect and allow the player to navigate.

The pause menu also appears in the form of the book when the player needs to pull up the options to toggle the sounds integrated by me into game which included effects & background music,  and/or to return to the main menu screen.

level selection
Collection sticker book
Level Screenshots

Tutorial Level

Level 2b of 4

Level 2a of 4

Level 4a of 4

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Level 2a of 4

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