Game: Unreal Tournament 4

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, FPS

Mode: 4v4, Multiplayer CTF

Team Size: 1 Developer

Engine: Unreal Tournament 4 Editor

Development Time: 2 Months

  • Map Design and Level Flow

  • Mod Kit Creation

  • World Building

  • Lighting

  • Scripting

  • Weapon and Pickup Placement

  • Documentation

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What went right?

  • Created a mod-kit set that fit well with the overall space and theme of the level

  • Allowing the player to loop through multiple spaces to keep moving and engaged

  • Adding verticality made the level flow seem less linear. Flow and pathing turned out interesting and encouraged player to keep moving

  • Implementation of central elevator added challenge and fun to acquire the UDamage at the center of the map


What went wrong?

  • Assets on the center of the map(generators) ended up looking cartoonish since I added black outlines to the edges of the mesh.

  • Some players found themselves lost as both sides of the base had identical features. As time was not enough to make my own hero piece, I used the in-game available assets of a large ship around the main battleship to act as landmarks. This helped players re-orient themselves and mentally map the level.


What have I learned?

  • Importance of adding loops to keep players moving and engaged

  • Adding verticality and multiple paths provide players with more interesting sightlines which make them feel less bored and more interested in moving ahead

  • Depending on color and lighting is not enough to distinguish areas for the player. physical shapes and interesting spaces create a memorable experience for the play which helps them in navigation

  • Learned how to use the UE4 blueprints to create custom triggered events

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