Game: Dying Light

Genre: First person, Action-Adventure, Survival Horror, Open World Game

Mode: Single Player

Team Size: 1 Developer

Engine: Dying Light Developer Tools (Chrome 5)

Development Time: 7 Months

  • Research

  • Concept and Documentation

  • Environment | Layout Design

  • World Building

  • Lighting

  • Quest Design

  • Gameplay Flow

  • Environmental Story Telling

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Thesis Paper



What went right?

  • Developed an artifact using the island and alley design to incorporate different types of landmarks to work together

  • Play tests and iterations of design went smooth allowing to make gradual changes to reach good results. result of starting of with a good design foundation helped maintain a steady iteration process.

  • created a fully playable small open world map with multiple paths for navigation and being able to subconsciously guide the player to their objective without emphasis on HUD and map markers.


What went wrong?

  • Did not scope the project well initially, which resulted in cutting the interior sections of the artifact. Identifying the need to cut midway helped give me more time to test and iterate on design.

  • prioritization of tasks could have been better. Focused to much on aesthetics and design giving less time to implement interesting encounters in the map.


What have I learned?

  • Learned how to deal with orientation and navigational challenges that occur in an open world game

  • Got introduced to the Chrome 5 scripting language and learned how to call events and pay movie sequences

  • Learned the use of different types of landmarks and how they can be used together using the Island and alley design

  • Learned that once player reached an island with a weenie, they would still need another landmark to use as a reference to help with orientation and mental mapping of the space.

  • Players tend to treat weenies as a single area and as such they expect another weenie to draw them towards another area.

  • The ability to build large massive and immersive environments with mod-kits and kit-bashing

  • Importance of contrast and how much value it can bring while setting up landmarks. A landmark with more contrast will attract and compel player to follow which affects the choices a player makes in navigation

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Note: For more Information on my thesis process and findings, please view the Thesis Paper Document under Downloads.


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