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Role: Level Designer (MP)  |  Genre: First-Person Shooter  |  Engine:  Radiant Editor  |  Platform: PS / XBOX / PC

MOSCOW | Detail and Technical

Moscow is the first shipped, 6v6 production map I got to work on as a Level Designer.

My initial task was to work with environment art to block out and detail the massive vista to achieve a parallax cityscape that was viewable from the playspace as well as from aerial scorestreaks view. Further, I was tasked with the block out and detailing of, the street connections to the playspace, parking lots, parks, and the large boulevard building by the parking lot area. In addition to these tasks, I also helped work on clipping a lot of the tall buildings in the playspace to make sure score streaks would interact with the buildings correctly, smooth clipping various areas of the map, and worked with the point designer to make sure the playspace and vista were performant using occlusion and simplifying detail. 

THE PINES | Design, Detail, and Technical

The Pines is a medium, 6v6, season 1 DLC multiplayer map that takes place at a mall based in New Jersey, United States. My responsibility was to refine the design of the map's initial Blockout and take it to detail ready. This involved designing the battle spaces, setting up engagements within the spaces, and maintaining good pacing and flow around the map. Furthermore, I was also tasked to help with detailing some of the areas in the map which included the furniture store, women's apparel store, electronic store, and display stalls. The process also involved maintaining smooth clipping and performance.

MIAMI | Detail and Technical

Miami is a medium-sized, 6v6 and 12v12 multiplayer map that takes place in Miami's famed south beach. 

Since I had already had experience working with a large vista in Moscow, I was tasked to work my magic again on the large cityscape of Miami which involved blocking out and detailing spaces and road connections in the near and far vista while maintaining the believability of the spaces. I also worked on detailing the interior and exterior of the sundowner building and the room by the sundowner alley. Lastly, I also helped with closing down the map, to make sure collisions were smooth around the map and the playspaces were performant. 

DIESEL | Design, Detail, Technical

Diesel is a small (2v2), medium (6v6) multiplayer map around a gas station in a lonesome desert. 
I was Point during the final detail and close phase of the map. My responsibility included detailing, cleaning up sightlines for gameplay, optimizing existing detail while maintaining visual standards, focusing on global map optimizations,  creating the minimaps, and hitting the usual checklist for closing a map down for ship.

ARMADA | Detail

Armada is a medium-sized, 6v6 and 12v12 multiplayer map in the middle of the North Atlantic Sea, between the U.S and Soviet forces. I worked on the detailing of the hangar bay on the Ticonderoga ship which included ordnance and munition storage as well as a missile assembly station.  The detail process includes blocking out the interior structure of the hangar bay and props that were then requested from environment art to replace the blackouts with game-ready 3D models. 


Crossroads is a medium 6v6 & large 12v12 map located in the frozen Soviet wilderness of Uzbekistan. I helped detail one of the large bunkers on the map. Most of the detail was made from geo and kit pieces to achieve a specific style of the bunker. 


Yamantau is a medium-sized, 6v6, season three multiplayer map located on the mount of Yamantau. I was responsible for refining the blockout of the hydro bunker to initiate the detailed process. This process involved, breaking down the space into prefabs, blocking out props and requesting 3d model versions of them from environment art, and fleshing out the battle space with detail. 

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